Losheim 2004   

Aaaah, the weather could not be better for the Thunderace gathering organized by the German thunderace-club. A steady 3 hour twist of the throttle took me to Losheim am See, in Germany close to the Luxembourg border. The last 40 miles or so twisted through green hills, some crowned with gigantic wind generators, turning slowly in a mild breeze.
The arrival was very warm hearted, although I knew only Pablo and Evi, I felt immediately accepted as a fellow thunderacer. They offered me a bed in a triple room which sure beats the night in the woods I prepared for.

In the morning some more troops arrived Thunderacers mostly discuss.... the Thunderace

So evenings weren't that bad in Losheim, Seems like Acers worldwide enjoy a nice cool glass of beer

Ride-outs were the best, excellent speed, super safe and experienced riding of all 70 or so bikes, Top weather conditions. This felt so good that I decided to stay another day.

would YOU blame me?

Unlike in the UK/US it's very common to see female Thunderacers in Germany

CU all
at the Sachsen-treffen next year !!!

Below Couldn't help playing a practical joke on Mr P. "What, another gasket?" No, Pablo, look at the bastard across the street, waving the water-bottle, Gotcha!!!

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