[May 5th] "Pigs Run" in the Netherlands

Barely survived the Skeggy bash in April when I plunged into another substantial event, 700 bikers gathered around my home town for their annual Verkestreffen (Pigs-Run). Though I enjoy riding my bike, there's something special about a gathering around campfires, seeing the sun set over the Lowlands and listen to music.
Apart from the usual drinking, dancing and socializing one stage act drew my attention. The rock band Zillian really performed outstanding.

Sadly I didn't get hold on one of their CD's, but they promissed to bring some on our next enounter.
Yep, they can produce a CD with their own songs but they also perform covers from various artists on events like this.
"So, What do they sound like"
I can hear you thinking. Mmm, let me think.....
Yeah, umm sortof Alanis Morisette but with pronounced ROCK guitar&drum work, their lead singer Claudia K. sings more Stevie Nicks/Nathalie Merchant (10.000 Maniacs) style

Hell, pretty vague huh? Better listen to them, I got what I consider their best song that night right here, its called: green glass time
In this particular song all band members show us what they've got.
And you'll get a feeling of their able of.
Certainly recommended for your next party, gathering or other event where a good rock band is in order. Based in the Netherlands they travel worldwide.
bookings through their website at Zillian.nl

So I'll end this weeks story with a pic from the sun setting over the Lowlands, I's about time to pack my stuff for the next event, that'll be the Thunderace gathering in Dresden Still 1 or two places available if you're up to it...
C U all afterwards, I hope.

Be Good.

Sunset over the lowlands