Skeggy 2004

Oumpf! getting up at 5 am, isn't always an easy thing, but the ferry taking us to GB is NOT going to wait.
The Thunderace growled to life after a short push on the starter button, it always did, but if there's a boat to catch it's a pleasant coincidence.
After two years of ownership of this 97 model, covering 60K, it still amazes me how fast and smooth it takes me to the coast, a 180 km ride.

Covering the last kms to the port a familliar engine roar came up from behind, Pablo joined the ranks with his green! GT conversion. He had been tinkering all night to get it back together after the crash at the Nurburgring last year.

Marc was allready at the ferry, strapping his bike down, just a few minutes before departure CdJ joined in, we all made it again.

Ride to the Butlins playground was nice, but to bad we didn't make it in time for the meeting points. Always nice to roll into Skegness with the complete squad of thunderaces

MCN Programm was elaborate, trade stands were diverse. Especially of interest to me (Dutch) was the Tomahawk tyre stand. Man, 90 pounds for a set (remoulds) mmmm, pretty tempting. I do like my new Dunlop 208's though.

Off course all Aces got on the free Dyno, and next year we all should do the Cadwell track-sessions too.

Every night we plunged into Butlins' Nightlife Starting with some cool pints.

Wrestle some more beer out of poor Dutch guys.....

Socializing with the Evil empire

Or even with DA LAW

thunderacer in close contact with the law

CU all
Next year !!!
thunderacer socializing with the evil empire

Enjoying the performances of various artists and dancing all night long

thunderacers dancing

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