Race report, by Alan Gardner   

(usually not a good sign),

My last race, didn't go as planned. Regardless of my constant reminding I
pushed too hard and crashed on the sixth lap coming out on to the front
straight. All I know is I was on the ground and my ass (arse) was in pain. I
looked back to the turn; no one was approaching so I walked off the track
leaving the Ace to bleed.

I had a bad position on the grid; second row, first spot. I could see the
boards this time but I would have to go under the old, old, old GSXR in
front of me to get a good start. I had a new front and good rear both with
some practice laps so I wasn't too concerned with first corner grip. Tire
Warmers! My strategy was helped by the absorbent laid on the track from the
center to the inside edge about halfway to the corner. I figured the lesser
riders would stay clear, giving me more room. When the flag dropped I was
off that grid like a virgin in a hooty house. I had the best start ever. I
mean ever. The front was light, my body was forward and the nut in front of
me moved to the outside. By half distance two riders were in the front. Me
and the pin head Mr. 109 (2001 GSXR 750). My soon to be arch rival was a
wheel ahead. By three quarters I was in the lead by the nub on a fresh tire,
but Mr. 109 wasn't giving in so easily, plus he had the outside line (the
best place to be). To secure my spot I moved up the track to his seven
o'clock position. The race was on.

Lap three I was already tired, but determined to win. Mr. 109 was in the
lead but we were already in lapped traffic. THREE LAPS! We were doing
1:18's. My first lap was faster than my race average last time. By six laps
we were 18 seconds ahead of third place. Lap four saw me get a better drive
on a lapper who unwittingly slowed 109 down into turn three and gave him a
crap line. I came in with a two bike length drag, ran to the outside to open
up turn four over the hill and out drive the Suzuki 750 leader over the
hill. Right up the middle of turn six entrance blocking his approach, I
stuffed him like a baked potato, and keep it tight to come over the hill to

The next lap he had the better drive from seven to nine and put the pass
back on me. I chased him for the next lap telling myself, all the while
huffing and puffing, to take it easy. Let him make the mistake. Just be
smooth and ride smart. Turn eleven came on the seventh lap, easing in to get
a better approach to twelve. No lappers in front just 109 pulling on me.
Into twelve good and switch for twelve a', BOOM!

Man was I mad at myself. I got over it though. Then I heard the SOB
crashed........got back up.....with three seconds in the lead.....and
won....The worst of it is the my previous race time was thirteen seconds
faster than his this race and the race was for 5 FU*&^ points. Now I've got
a twisted front.

More bad news: He didn't race last weekend and a boy wonder clenching the
win was fifty seconds slower! FIFTY SECONDS!!!!! (There was an SV-650 behind

The good news: I have thirty points. The next highest with twenty four was
moved to Juniors (good by). Mr. 109 has eighteen. I could win the
championship with one of the following combinations:

4 Wins

1 Win, 3 Thirds

3 Seconds, 1 Third

I would love to put this machine on the record books. But I need some help.

Does anyone have the following to sell, lend or trade: YZF1000 (just
kidding), Upper fairing bracket, Frame sliders, Swingarm Spools, Windscreen,
Fuel tank, Hindle high pipe section, radiator, thermal fan switch, radiator
cap, throttle w/ or w/o cables? Please email me off the list if you are

I need help finding a motorcycle radiator shop to fix my wounded unit, and a
paint shop that does quick work cheap.

Thanks for everyone's support.

"Red and Black, We will be BACK!"

Alan 97' R/B

CCS #408

Team Bozo Yamaha