Race report, ZAC (Marc W at Assen the Netherlands)
by Arnold

Narrow Escape

The Notorious No.426 Blade served well in qualification, 5th. means second row at the starting grid, and with the Ace-like performance and race-trim agility it would certainly gain a few places before the first turn.

Marc is very content with his second row position

Dashing through National corner at Assen

After the national turn, there's a slight left-righter, hardly mentionable, Marc overtakes a duc, the Duc approached the curve more like a chicane, collides with Marc, BANG the Italian machinery bounces off gracefully in the dirt, The Blade shakes his head as to do away with an italian wasp and continues his road to 4th place.

<--Must hurt, to see your Italian beauty this way

The crashed racer wasn't very pleased, accusing Marc of obstrucion or something.
Our efforts to take the stress out of the occasion did work, so it seems.

Marc's teammate, Don tries hard to skid through the National, the rear tyre seems not up to it anymore, the hot weather contributing to rapid wear and smear

So, time to fit a new one.
Supervision and support is provided by the lovely Carla, Don's GF and a racer too !!