Curing carbfreeze?   

Guess it's the time of year again that everybody is complaining about Carbfreeze Unlike the name it occurs only between some 5 and -5 when there's enough moisture in the air to freeze

It feels like some stumble or stutter, just as you plan to accelerate from cruising speeds
I'll try and fix the problem by installing a light bulb inside the filter housing

I selected a fairing indicator , these come pretty cheap and offer a good mounting for the 21 Watt bulb

On the left you can see the indicator base plateattached to the airbox centre post with some cable ties

So, after hooking it on the bikes main circuitry through a Hella switch (green arrow) and a 12V LED it's time to check..................WORKS!!!

I'll take her for a spin and report back to let y'all know if it is THE Remedy

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