Marc's exhaust modification   

As you all know by experience or from reviews about our beloved Thunderace, the ground clearance isn't so great. Especially with the OEM shock installed, the end-can touches the street pretty easy. It can even deck out so hard, it levers the rear tyre off the tarmac and before you know it you'll find yourself crawling out of a ditch.

Marc Wingelaar from the Netherlands, shares with us his solution to this problem. He chamfered the front edge of the end-can.

Determine the edge to cut off. Easy to recognize by the scuff-marks

Marc's comments: "I started sawing from the front flange. At first you'll find 2cm of solid aluminium. Then you reach the inner can, which is a layer of fiber material and a perforated steel inner tube. Going into this steel tube is easy. Your saw will be guided by the cut you made in solid aluminium. But going out of the tube is another matter."

" The hard inner tube will send your saw parallel to the inner tube. So you'll have to turn the angle of the saw about 60 degrees to keep an angle on the material of the inner tube. Difficult to explain, but when you get there you will understand."

As you can see by the neat finish, it wouldn't harm to contact a Pro welder to do the aluminium welding

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