Kneedown, By Steve L   

Move your butt off the side of the saddle and move forward towards the tank,
lean forward, keep your shoulders/head over the centreline of the tank (give or take a bit), keep your weight on the *OUTSIDE* peg, move you inside foot so your toes or the ball of your foot is on the inside peg. Hold yourself on the bike mostly with your outside leg rather than clinging onto the bars. Push forward and down with your knee, keep your head UP and looking where you are going.... no, i`ll rephrase that... look where you *WILL* be going, relax your arms and shoulders. Looking at your knee and the ground is a quick way of ending up in the hedge :) AGgain, relax the grip on the bars... the bike has a better idea of where it wants to go than you do, dont man-handle it, just flow and go with it. Steering will appear to get really twitchy as you lean over and over, but once you get your knee slider down firmly, you suddenly feel in total control again....

The order of touch down should be:

1 knee
2 pegs
3 exhaust
4 all of you, plus the bike :)

try to keep it in that order, it helps... but try avoid point #4

gettin' yer kneedown