R6 rear brake conversion   

Why should anyone perform this conversion?
Well as my rear caliper jammed on the motorway half a year back (and caught fire), I went looking for a replacement.
These are pretty hard to get, the thunderace isn't very common, especially in the USA. Look around! what bike seems to flock around every streetcorner ? Yes, Yamaha's YZF 600 R 6 !!!
They come in shiny colors with matching leathers and newbie/wannabe racers who toss them on the tarmac like life is forever. So there's my rear caliper.

I thought it was going to be a straight swap, until I noticed the Ace's disk was a lot bigger (about 10mm) no big deal, I took a PFM Disk (see offer on 1st page) and ran it down to R6 outside diameter.
Later I found out that the R6 rear disk is the same bolt patern as the Aces, so it's far more easy to just buy an R6 rear disk (also available for the bargain price at the home page)

The R6 bracket is also a bit less wide at the axle (3mm) so I used the axle nut washer (which happens to be 3 mm) to fill up the space between wheel and bracket. (I'll buy a new washer soon)spot the missing washer

To prevent the caliper from rotating, the swingarm has to be drilled and tapped to accept a nut to hold the tab on the bracket, I used a Metric 8 mm Allen bolt.

By disconnecting the dogbones you'll get enough clearance to use a power drill

Below you can see the finished project, looks like it should be this way huh ?
I think I'm going to turn the disk down some 2 mm. (see the grey edge on the disk)
This setup works just like the old one, no thrills there.