Dogbone installation   
raising the rear end

It is said that the the former record holder on the isle of man of 1997, Yes, our thunderace, is a bit hard to turn. Some might even say is clumsy, compared to newer sportsbikes.
This might be true for a standard ace, tho a lot can be achieved by sticking the tubes through the yokes and fitting state of the art tyres, like the Pirelli Diablo's.
Then there's the other issue, ground clearance caused by the and soft/worn rear strut and the tube through the yoke mod.

Not anymore! Find out what shorter dogbones can do to your bike, follow us while we install LSL Dogbones thus raising the rear end of our thunderace by a whopping 4 centimeters, transforming it into an agile, hostile and mobile competitor.

lsl dogbones
Here they are, straight from the LSL Factory, Nice Stainless steel, including an ABE (letter of approval) for the German customers. Mmmmm, they will do nice replacing my corrode OEM parts!

First you'll have to get the rear wheel off the floor and the swingarm unloaded.. I find it convenient to use a front stand and a simple trolley jack.
No need to remove the belly pan, removing these two screws will give you plenty of space to remove the nuts from the old dogbones.
You see ?
The belly pan is flexible enough to reach the bolts.
The new Dogbones are only slightly shorter, but you'll have to agree, they sure look better!.
Installation is straightforward, with the trolley jack you can unload the suspension components, so there's really no effort needed to swap the dogbones.
Although the ace still looks pretty standard at first sight, there's a lot more "see through" between hugger and seat, making it look a lot "lighter". Sitting on the bike reveals its increased height, while my knees were bent at first, my legs are almost stretched now, standing on the street.

From hear say I was warned that the bike might tip over the sidestand because of the higher rear, but this was not the case, though a lot more tilted, it still felt stable as a rock.

OK, time for a test ride
backing off the drive way it felt light and willing, started the engine and off I went.
The urban area allows the engine to heat up, manuevering through traffic I felt the bike steered nice and lightly, very good.
So here's come the curves, first ones I took pretty carefull, didn't know what to expect..... mmmmm, nice, stabile. A bit faster now..... YEAH BABY!
No signs of instability no matter how hard I pushed the bike, definitely more agile, no signs of dragging the exhaust over the tarmac, rear end feels a bit more beefy, twenty bucks well spent !